Fab Finds LLC has created a way to share and help all nonprofits get their word out through our publications: Thrift Life Style Magazine, trifold Thrift Life Style maps, all shared through the medias of Print, Radio, TV, Video and written Blogs sent to 10 plus social medias such as: Twitter, LinkedIn, 4 Facebooks, 3 Web Sites, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest. Email blasts, Hand Outs and more. Maps are now interactive. We educate the public as to where your money goes when you shop your local nonprofit thrift store. The money spent at the thrift stores is what keeps these charities open and able to help your neighbors and or animals in need! Fab Finds LLC does this FREE for them. We support ourselves through Contributors, Sponsors and Advertisers.

Fab Finds LLC currently covers three counties and expanding.

Help Us Help Them!

We are creating a following of fellow thrifters and an awesome network of nonprofits. Becoming a needed and appreciated hub!

Educate the community throughout the US, telling stories of nonprofits and what they do. We sell ad space, sponsorship’s and promote contributors in our Thrift Life Style Magazine, Map handouts locating nonprofit thrift stores and video posts on all social medias. We share events, the store merchandise, ECO friendly tips, shopping tips and tricks, amazing stories about these nonprofits and where your money goes, helping your neighbor and/ or animals in need.

Selling Thrift.Life merchandise.

Fab Finds LLC and Thrift Life Style sells ad space in all our distributions weather print or social media. Our sales are not limited to any demographic or venue types. We are currently building a sales team. Ad space starts at $99.00 and up, Discounts available for multi ad placements. I see no limits for sponsors, contributors, donations (aka) Advertisers. TM: Thrift.Life merchandise: Stickers, Decals, Shirts, bags etc $1 & up are sold at thrift stores. Also online sales for all the above.

To be the voice, free, for all nonprofits nationwide. Sharing their heartwarming and heartbreaking stories also stories of living ECO friendly, living on a budget with helpful shopping tips, through print, TV, Radio and on social media.Turning our map system of all nonprofit store locations into an app. Having our Thrift Life Style Magazine be a national magazine. Sell our Thrift.Life merchandise nationwide. To educate the nation as to what these nonprofits do for their local community.

This has never been done free for all nonprofits in a one stop shop. These stores have given me free reign and in return I am given receipts for donations in Lew of payment for marketing them. This in turn can be given to our advertisers, contributes and sponsors if needed, they help me so I can help them. Our maps to all the thrift stores are now interactive and cover three counties so far. We distribute 1,500 Thrift Life Style Magazines placed in waiting rooms and 5,000 maps through the stores

We are able to help all our local nonprofits and send people their way either to shop or support their efforts. We educate the public as to where the money goes when they donate or shop.

Our Mottoes have become catchy and have been repeated throughout our campaign: “Help Us Help Them” “Recycle your money back into your community by shopping your local nonprofit thrift store” “Thrifters Keep On Thrifting” “Thrift Life- it’s not just living thrifty, it’s thrifty living” “The fastest growing trend”

Creating an awareness so more people will shop these nonprofit thrift stores, they now understand by doing so they are also helping the needy, desperate neighbors and/ or animals. We show the great deals they can find and how to re-purpose, reuse or replace the things they need at a fraction of the cost. Thrifting is the fastest growing trend in the US. We hope to send more people their way!Fab Finds

We are asking for funding to grow are Staff of Sales and Marketing, graphic Designers and Video Crew and Equipment. We would like to take this Nationwide.

Help spread the word!