Fab Finds! at Faith Farm

Fab Finds! at Faith Farm Thrift Stores. No one does “thrift” like us!

Faith Farm has always delivered great thrift stores with abundant merchandise.
Thanks to our generous donors in the community who donate gently used furniture, furnishings, appliances, jewelry, clothing, sporting goods, medical equipment, office furniture, electronics, art and collectibles . . . even cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles and RVs are donated for our Auto Sales.
If you’d like to donate, call the location closest to you and arrange for a free pick-up.

There are three Faith Farm Thrift Store locations. Our stores are open, Monday through Saturday. Become one of our VIP Customers and receive advance notice of our special sale events with huge savings, when these hours are extended.

Home delivery of items purchased in our store can also be arranged for a nominal delivery charge. So, come and see what all the excitement is about. There is always something happening at Faith Farm.


For donation pickups call the following phone numbers.

(561) 737-2222

(954) 763-7787



Who is Faith Farm

Addiction is an epidemic and It is everyone’s battle! Since 1951, Faith Farm has served and continues to serve the ever-growing need for our program in our community at no cost to our students. Faith Farm has also become a viable alternative to incarceration, saving citizens thousands in tax dollars. It is estimated that over 37,000 people have been helped in Faith Farm’s effective addiction recovery program. If you were to consider family members and loved ones of the addict, it is conceivable that Faith Farm has helped hundreds of thousands more.

What makes us unique?

  • Faith Farm Ministries is a free, minimum 9 month, faith-based, addiction recovery program with residential services for more than 445 men and women who have lost control of their lives due to alcohol and/or illegal and pharmaceutical drug addictions. Everyone knows someone … loved ones, friends, siblings, parents, children, co-workers and/or neighbors, that struggles with addiction.
  • The “free” aspect removes financial hardship from long term commitment.
  • A long term commitment removes the resident from the environment that contributes to their addiction.

Our staff has a “Heart for the Hurting”

  • Many of the staff have successfully graduated from the program.
  • The staff understands because they’ve been there themselves.
  • The staff is motivated to bring victorious success to others.
  • We provide a loving & caring atmosphere with structure.
  • Each student is provided with room, board, clothing and basic needs.
  • Students experience a short chapel service after breakfast.
  • Students are exposed to comprehensive Christian and addiction curriculum topics.

Educational Opportunities are a priority.

  • Every student that does not have a high school diploma is required to take classes for GED preparation.
  • Students are provided opportunities to take TABE and GED Tests .
  • Students that successfully complete the recovery curriculum and choose to test may earn up to 9 college credits from South Florida Bible College and Theological Seminary (SFBC). Both organizations, Faith Farm and SFBC, believe that this partnership may be the first ever of its kind in the world.

We provide valuable life and occupational skills.

  • Students acquire valuable work skills and work ethics.
  • Students gain teamwork, leadership and conflict resolution skills.
  • They develop character traits such as integrity and honesty.

We provide a number of options to students who have graduated from the Basic Program.

  • Students have the option to return to their families healed physically, psychologically and spiritually.
  • A student may be invited to apply for an additional year in the Advanced Program as an Advanced Student, referred to as an “AS1”. Upon completion of the year, a student may choose to continue as an AS2 for another year, or a student may enter the Omega Program at our Ft. Lauderdale Campus
    • Omega Work allows them to work and save for apartment rent and security deposit. Students reside at the Ft. Lauderdale Faith Farm campus during this program and they continue classes on budgeting, Leadership and more.
    • Omega College allows them to get scholarships to local trade schools. Students reside at the Ft. Lauderdale Faith Farm campus during the program. They work on the campus while attending school.
    • Omega Military provides the introduction to the armed forces and allows for recruiters to work with our students to determine the best fit. Service in our military provides wonderful travel, education and career opportunities.
  • All graduates become members of the Faith Farm Ministries’ Alumni Association, also a national organization.
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