The Repurpose Project Gainesville FL

The Repurpose Project Gainesville FL

Save $, save the planet, buy USED!

The Repurpose Project is a non-profit community based effort to divert useful resources from the landfill, redirect these items to the public for art and education, inspire creativity, and help us all rethink what we throw away. Let’s all help protect the planet and buy USED!


They are a thrift store that salvages items usually not accepted by traditional second hand stores! The mission is to capture these overlooked treasures before they end up in the landfill and make them available to the public through the retail store. Here are some examples: art supplies, office supplies, building supplies, legs off a broken table, scraps of wood, craft supplies, etc. They also carry regular thrift store items such as furniture, household items, books, toys, games, etc. The sale of these traditional items help to cover the overhead expenses.

This article explains The Repurpose Project in more detail:

The Repurpose Project

1920 NE 23rd Ave
Gainesville, FL


Tues-Sat: 10am-7pm
Sun: 12-5pm

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