Winter White Ball pt. 3

Winter White Ball pt. 3 Strega Sews

Winter White Ball pt.1
Winter White Ball pt. 2

The Winter White Ball is a period correct 1600-1700 hundreds Pirate Ball.
Call Strega Sews (904) 868-7400 and get your Ball attire or any other period correct function before she is booked up.

Nancy Strega Sews custom historical clothing from 16th century to 19th century Ladies, Men and of course Pirate!!

Pass it down don’t toss it out!

A List of Products Nancy has Worked on.

  • Sailor Slops
  • Waistcoats
  • Great Coats
  • Frock Coats
  • Trousers
  • Breeches
  • Day Dresses
  • Skirts
  • Chemises
  • Blouses
  • Corsets
  • Ball Gowns

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